Conceptual design

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Conceptual design

The function, the way and the schedule of use are established.


Accepted function and organization of space by users, with public content, and according to the conceptual project, the main project respected the basic, previously established spatial disposition of the concept.

Available in the sense of the City Hall structure, it contains three basic functional units:

  1. the premises of the city administration,
  2. other workshops
  3. spaces of common public facilities (central hall, museum, energy block and catering).

The intended purpose requires a separate functional-organizational and technical arrangement in which the units are interconnected and integrated into a single organism, whereby the common public spaces have the role of linking structures.

In the period when it was built, the building had only one function, the City Hall, and in the period 1947-1992. was in the function of the National and University Libraries.

With the respect of the existing structure and the predetermined disposition of the object made by an equilateral triangle with three towers, six-storey classrooms in the middle and other limitations stemming from the cultural-historical significance of the facility, the multifunctional facilities in the building enabled autonomous and comfortable functioning.

Keeping in mind all the tasks and spatial features of the facility, the program functions - the more users are positioned on the floor, taking into account the interconnection of space for each user with the possibility of a simple access to the central contents that are located in the parcel around the Aula.

Existing Entrances to the Town Hall provide separate entrance from the employees of Brodac Street and the main entrance from the Kulina Ban street is provided for visitors while the existing door to Telali Street served as a necessary exit for occasional building of the facility. A separate entrance to the basement from Telali and Brodac streets is the function of an external approach for cafe-restaurant guests. In addition to the existing separate staircases, the new elevators with capacity for 8 persons were designed with the reconstructed sanitary node on the floors.

The occupancy of floor area occupants is due to the built-in capacities of the adjacent stairs and elevators, designed according to their specificities and functional-technological units.


Ground floor


1st floor
2nd floor