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Main project

The main project for the reconstruction of the City Hall Sarajevo was made on the basis of the original project documentation, with reference to the original documentation of the City Hall construction and after extensive research.


The basis for the design of the main architectural reconstruction project was the documentation of the works performed from 1996 to 2004 and the preliminary investigations from 1995 to 2006, copies of the original documentation as well as photo and video documentation prior to the destruction.

Based on the available documentation related to the works of the first and second phase of reconstruction, as well as the available documentation of the Sarajevo archives, the level of repair of major damage to the building was determined.

With a detailed recording of the existing disposition and destroyed constructive and decorative elements in the building, a project of the existing condition was made and identified damage to walls and ceilings were made in drafts of the present state of the project. An additional geotechnical study of foundations in the basement was carried out as well as the state of the floor structure on the ground floor. On the existing wells - piezometers set up in 2006, during the design of the project documentation, groundwater measurement was carried out, which according to the measurement results is located at -3.00m below the basement floor, and during the eight month measurement period there was no oscillation.

Research of all types of existing stone and mortar in the building and on the façade were carried out. The results of the test were made with technical data sheets on chemical and mineralogical composition and mechanical characteristics with recipe for new mortars and types of stone to be used for renovation of the City Hall.

To determine the state of the façade, photogrammetric shooting with new laser technology was carried out, identifying all the deformations and faults in the façade in digital form, where it was created the basis for investigative work and designing restoration and reconstruction project.

From the mounted scaffolding on the characteristic façade and tower sections samples of all types of mortar and decorative plastic were taken for testing. Investigative conservation works were carried out - recording profiles and layers at all positions of decorative plastic, on painted facade parts. An excavation crane was used for exploration work and observation of the rest of the facade.

Therefore, as stated earlier, extensive research works on the façade and on the interior of the remaining gypsum decoration segments in the interior have been performed, the existing disposition of the object with damages has been determined and it has been elaborated in the individual reports that formed the basis for reconstruction, restoration and reconstruction of the City Hall..

In addition, available archival material and documentation were used:

  • The main project of the reconstruction of the Vijećnica-Invest Project - Sarajevo 1987,
  • The main project of the 1st phase of reconstruction of the City Hall in Sarajevo - project Dom, Studije, Projektovanje, Inžinjering - Sarajevo in 1996,
  • The main project of the 2A phase of the reconstruction of the City Hall in Sarajevo - project Dom, Studije, Projektovanje, Inžinjering - Sarajevo in 1998,
  • The main project of the 2B phase of the reconstruction of the city hall in Sarajevo - the project Dom, Studije, Projektovanje, Inžinjering - Sarajevo in 1999,
  • Winner project d.o.o. - Elaborate on the engineering characteristics of the terrain as well as the state of the basic construction of the building of the City Hall - Sarajevo,
  • Archive material of the Institute for the planning of the Sarajevo Canton,
  • Archives of the Kaptol Archives Zagreb: NAZ, DM, IV / 13,
  • Videos of Public Broadcasting Service BiH,
  • Archives of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Archives of Canton Sarajevo,
  • History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Slavica Markovic: Ćirl Metod Iveković - Architect and Conservator - Zagreb 1992

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