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Permanent setting

In the various offer of the City Hall building, several permanent thematic exhibitions have been set up about history of the city and City Hall itself.


The municipal district, so-called „Beledija“, as the first territorial-political organization in Sarajevo, was established and started working in 1865.

Upon the arrival of Austro-Hungarian authorities in these areas, the revival of the work of the City Government started, so on August 20, 1878, General Filipovic ordered that the work of the government is restored and the Municipal Council formed.

Mustaj-beg Fadilpašić (1878-1892) was named for the first Mayor of the City Municipality, and from 1893 to 1899, the mayor was Mehmed-beg Kapetanović Ljubušak. He was a mayor at the time of the construction of the City Hall.

On the walls of this area are photographs of all the former mayors of our city since 1878. Through short biographies you can get acquainted with the character and the work of each of them, and find out interesting things from the period of their mandates.


Throughout its history, Bosnia and Herzegovina has always been known as the inexhaustible source of creative people who have enriched our culture with their works. This room is devoted to four creators who have contributed to the richness of our culture. All of them have been awarded with numerous domestic and international awards for their works.

Learn more about the life of architect Ivan Štraus who designed some of the most famous buildings in BiH, the painter Safet Zec, one of our most prominent artists in the world, writer Dževad Karahasan, whose works have been translated into seventeen world languages, and product designer, who was awarded with most prized world prize in the field of design products.



November 25, 1943, is one of the most important dates in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On that day, the First Session of the National Anti-fascist Council of the People's Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ZAVNOBiH) was held in Mrkonjic Grad, where the statehood of BiH was renewed after several centuries.

The ZAVNOBiH resolution, which was then adopted, guaranteed the rights of all peoples and nations in the country. Through an interesting setting, get to know all the details related to this session, and find out why November 25 is considered the date when the foundations for modern BiH were formed.



A small room is designed  with furnishings and items of the corresponding period to at least reflect the style and ambience of the Imperial Vienna. The editorial staffed images of Franc Ferdinand and his wife, Sofia, in memory of their tragic visit in 1914.


Franz & Sofie

SARAJEVO 1914 – 2014.

Exhibition „Sarajevo 1914 – 2014“ is dedicated to history of our city from moment of Sarajevo assassination till reopening ceremony of The City Hall, where you can find out something more about Sarajevo in that centenial period. Exhibition is bilingual, all texts are written on bosnian and english language.

It shows not only the history of the city, which is extremely rich and burdensome, but also the other side, less known to the wider public - and this is life. At the panels is chronologically described history, all the states and regimes that have passed this city in hundred years, its growth and change, its destruction and re-emergence as well as all the more important events.

The central part of the exhibition is devoted to the culture of family life and clothing through periods. We used the home atmosphere and the family photos so that, within this bursting history, we could see ordinary life. Because buildings does not make a city, but people.


The rich and rusty past of the most representative building in our city, presented through the exhibition "The City Hall once again", brings a collection of photographic documents and drawings from the original architectural project of the Sarajevo City Hall.

The exhibition is the result of a long-standing research work by Urbing's design studio on collecting old archive material and photo-documentation during the renovation of the Sarajevo City Hall. Experience the City Hall through a multitude of rare photos, sketches and drawings that will tell you an interesting story of this architectural pearl.